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The most successful American companies have also jumped on the free small buisness grants. Starting a small business can be an overwhelming event. Especially when it comes to finances. There are many small business grants out there for the taking that business owners don't realize they can apply for. Here is a great resource section that details many aspects of how to go about researching and applying for small business grants.

Small business grants are closer than you think. In fact, the small business grant you need to start or expand your business may be available right in your own home state. While there are still no direct small business grants available from the federal government, many state development agencies offer direct small business grants and other types of financial assistance designed to encourage and assist entrepreneurs in starting or expand a small business. The following is a list of links to economic development agency Web sites of each state. Whenever possible, a link to the specific financing resources is listed as well. Also remember that the federal government, through the SBA, does offer a fine array of very attractive loans to start or expand a small business.

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