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Proposal Management

BSCI can perform all services necessary to guide the process from beginning to proposal delivery. Our services in this endeavor include:
1.  Request for Proposal evaluation;
2.  Establish and maintain Proposal Control Documents;
3.  Establish Proposal Guidelines and kickoff;
4.  Prepare Proposal outline and recommend assignments;
5.  Establish the proposal schedule, compliance matrix, teammate/subcontractor coordination,
6.  Organize and manage Pink and Red Teams;
7.  Writing critical sections of the proposal (time permitting).

Volume Management

When the proposal and its resources are large and the client assumes responsibility for proposal management; BSCI can provide senior, experienced support to take over the responsibility for developing and writing specific volumes of the proposal, such as the technical, management, or past performance volumes.

Proposal Writing

BSCI can contribute critical sections working on-site or off-site, or a combination of both.

Business Plan Development

Our experience indicates that many businesses need a comprehensive business plan to help your company obtain investor financing and business loans. BSCI can assist your company in developing a boilerplate business plan to meet various needs or we can assist you to create a customized business plan to meet a specific need.

Technical Writing

BSCI can help your company prepare operating instructions, performance plans, product descriptions, user manuals, and any other technical writing requirements you may have."

Advertising/Copy Writing

When others zig, our experienced copywriter zags.  The result: highly- effective advertising and copywriting that gets results.
Our contract copywriter is a freelance writer with over twelve years of advertising experience in New York, Atlanta and Austin.

Our advertising copywriter has earned the nickname "tag queen" for creating many great slogans and taglines over the years. If you need the perfect tagline for your comp any, call the BSCI "tag queen."


BSCI offers training courses to provide your employees with the background to prepare contract award winning proposals. BSCI will require your company and your employees to execute a nondisclosure agreement prior to the commencement of training. BSCI can offer this training at facilities in San Antonio, Texas or at your location.

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