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Proposal writing is hard, often tedious work because of the intense concentration required to write well. Because of this, your writing team should be given as much help as possible. Help could include:

  • A proposal outline written in as much detail as possible. The detailed outline will give the writers a structure to help make their written material look as consistent as possible.
  • An automated library of proposal writing tools and standard material.
  • Section templates and writing examples.
  • Writing guidelines.

Most successful proposal leaders and writers follow a set of guidelines for writing an outline and conceiving proposal content. Here are some examples:

  • Write a proposal to solve the customers problems as they perceive them, not how you perceive them.

  • Dont try to think for the customer. Give the customer everything asked for in the RFP, down to the minutest of detail. Write to each and every solicitation requirement, even if it appears to be meaningless on the surface. Remember, evaluators love to eliminate proposals to save time and effort or, sometimes, to help their favorite company.

  • Write the outline using topic and subtopic sentences whenever possible.

  • Explain how you will meet each and every requirement in a clear, concise manner. Explain why you are unique but only when you can be convincing and the uniqueness stands up to scrutiny.

  • Give evaluators the material they need to support a decision in your favor.

  • Use simple, easy to understand language; avoid long-winded sentences and paragraphs.

  • Develop a concise staffing and project management plan without any ambiguities in staffing and personnel qualifications. Rewrite resumes of staff members to specifically address the RFP requirements. Interview proposed staff members to determine the specifics of their experience and its relevance to the requirements.

  • Do not present extraneous or marginal material.

  • Tailor your corporate qualifications (and general information) to match the specific requirements of the RFP.

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Know your strengths and weaknesses and your competitors strength and weaknesses, and write to all four of these points.

  • Find ways to present your solutions as unique while still meeting the requirements of the RFP.

  • Write to the specific benefits of your company, your project team, and your solutions and substantiate each of these.

  • Dont get caught in the inherent trap that your company is the customer "end all, beat all." Everyone thinks this way but your confidence means nothing to the customer unless its backed up with references, performance data, and facts.

  • Acknowledge your weaknesses in relation to the requirements and negate them as much as possible.

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