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Proposal management involves complicated processes and team collaboration to be sucessful. Proposal management may be more of an art than a science, but there are best practices for proposal management that you can follow. The follow articles provide tips and techniques to help you improve your proposal management.We have made a point of supporting selected, non-conflicting, private sector proposal development efforts. We have done so in order to ensure our understanding of procurement issues is comprehensive and that our procurement support services include an understanding of bidder issues and perspective. We have successfully supported proposals for domains as diverse as aircraft fleet maintenance and property development.

We provides a proposal management methodology that treats each proposal as a project that begins before the RFP arrives. We provides a tailored response that meets your needs including an initial proposal critique and evaluation to determine:

  • how effectively the company follows industry's best practices and general requirements for government bids;
  • how convincingly the company presents itself to prospective government customers;
  • how accurately and completely the company presents information in response to requirements; and how well the company allows for fluid and friendly evaluation of its proposals.

Ben Services Corp. recommends an initial review of the company's current proposal management policies, practices, and tools to determine current strengths and opportunities for improvements. We will also review a number of previously submitted proposals to gain better insights into the company's current proposal management practices and outcomes. We will then produce a report that documents the results of the review and provides recommendations for improvements.

Upon the completion of this evaluation, Ben Services Corp. will:

  • issue a detailed report, written in plain English for the company's working managers, explaining the strengths, weaknesses, and advantages, and risks associated with both specific and systematic proposal SBS development practices, as well as a "how-to" summary of more effective proposal writing;
  • develop and deliver customized training to both senior management and proposal preparation managers exploring how to achieve and leverage both the strategic (corporate wide) and operational (proposal specific) improvements;

    The outcomes of this process will be:
  • A greater awareness at both the executive and working management of the opportunities and methods the company can apply to grow its government based revenues;
  • A hands-on reference guide that specifically addresses the company's proposal preparation standards and methodologies. Ben Services Corp. encourages the use of lessons-learned to return insights from operations back to your management community.

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