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The changes that are taking place within the public and private sector due to shrinking financial resources have called for well-planned projects that would lead to successful implementation. The quality of a project proposal has influence on decision makers dealing with financing of projects. Given the intense competition between projects for funding which is normally from the one source, it is on the basis of the project proposals that decisions are made as to whether or not a project will be funded. Consequently, the need for continuous training and development in project planning and proposal writing cannot be overemphasized.

Target Group

Project managers, project officers and economic planners in public, parastatal and private sector institutions as well as non-governmental organisations (NGO's).

Statement of Learning Outcome

At the end of the course participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:
  • Conduct an analysis of the project
  • Apply the logical framework
  • Use the project scheduling techniques
  • Conduct a financial analysis of the project
  • Formulate a project proposal /memorandum.

Module Organisation

  • Project planning
  • Logical Framework analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Project proposal


  • Oral tests
  • Practical tests
  • Written tests
  • Case Study

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