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The Ben Services Corp.offers expert workshops for nonprofit professionals, academic researchers, program planners, and public sector administration employees. The Grant Institute is the leader of grant writing education in respect to professional preparation and multi-disciplinary focus. Currently, we offer two certificate programs nationwide, advises, "If you haven't yet established a funding success track record, meaning that you've written grant applications and some or all have been funded, your first endeavor should be to volunteer writing applications for a local nonprofit organization, such as a United Way member agency or your local church. hands-on experience is the best way to learn, be challenged, and succeed as a grantseeker and grant-writing consultant.

We recommend developing a business plan, performing a market analysis, and positioning your company, service and product.

It is often difficult for companies to approach developing a business plan. You can use this business plan outline as a starting point. You can use a consultant to assist you in this effort.

The process we utilize:

  1. We will interview you to find out where you want to go.

  2. We will set-up a plan you can use as a blueprint for your business.

  3. You will be able to use the plan to seek funding (though we will need to call in an accountant if you plan to seek a bank loan based on certified financial statements). 

Our Services related to proposals:

Proposal Writing In Public Contracting | Online Proposal Writing | Federal Government Competitive Contracts Proposal | Development Center Proposal | Dissertation Proposal | Professional Proposal Writing Service | Proposal Consultants | Project Planning And  Proposal Writing | Proposal Advice | Proposal Preparation | Proposal Editing | Proposal Reviews | Proposal Management | Corporate Proposal Manager | Proposal Strategy Development | Freelance Proposal Writer | Freelance Proposal Consultant | Freelance Proposal Manager.

We Also Offer These Services

Proposal for Research Grants | Grant Writing | Grant Proposals | Small Business Grants | Minority Business Grants |Company Presentations | Cost Estimation And Budgeting | Marketing Brief Report | International Project Management |Organizational And Business Improvement Services | Research Funding | Freelance Writer.

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