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Marketing Brief Report is Capitalizing on Ben Services Corp. provides insights into the media preferences of life scientists and also identifies suppliers considered to be best-in-class in each of six major marketing media -- print catalogs, Web sites, direct mail, sales representatives, print advertising, and scientific meetings and exhibits. Most importantly, this report identifies a segment of life scientists who are Highly Engaged with the marketing communication of their suppliers and provides strategic insight into marketing to this potentially lucrative group. By answering a series of carefully designed questions. The resulting data is then used to classify these buyers in terms of their level of engagement with the manufacturers of life science instrumentation, kits and reagents. By targeting and cultivating the Highly Engaged segment of life scientists, suppliers can capitalize on the potential of these customers to recommend their products and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

This report is designed to give suppliers a better understanding of the marketing media preferences of their current and prospective customers through effective segmentation:

1. Identify how life scientists typically learn about new products and services

2. Understand scientists’ preferences for marketing communications disseminated via print catalogs, Web sites, print advertisements, direct mail and exhibits at scientific meetings

3. Measure scientists’ level of media engagement in terms of the frequency with which they use marketing media to obtain product information

4. Measure scientists’ level of engagement with the marketing communications of their frequent suppliers

5. Determine patterns, trends and discrepancies in how Highly, Moderately and Less Engaged scientists perceive and react to various promotional techniques

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