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Writing for Freelance Proposal can be a very lucrative and enriching experience. Payment rates go anywhere from $100 per article to $4,000 per article, and you can talk to experts about the very things that interest you, and actually get paid for it! Here’s what you need to know to start on the path to becoming a full-time freelance writer. Don’t start dreaming of a life filled with grandeur and visions of lying in your hammock waiting for the muse to show up. It’s going to be nothing like it. You’ll be required to get up every day, show up at your computer, reply to e-mails within a 24-hour period like a reliable person and actually produce work. But the benefits are many—freedom from the rat race, no boss breathing down your shoulder, and the independence to actually do what you love and get paid for it. Writing is a business, and you’ll be expected to treat it like one. Showing up in your pajamas is acceptable, acting like an unprofessional slob who can’t keep deadlines, isn’t. If you’re not self-motivated, efficient and good with deadlines, life will be rough. Learn those skills, and you’ll get through it with enough time to spare for a two hour lunch break.

Here are the minimum requirements for setting up your freelance Proposal business Writing:

  • A reliable computer (preferably something not out of an 80s movie).
  • A decent printer .
  • An e-mail address (free e-mail is fine as long it doesn’t send out mile-long HTML advertisements. Consider Gmail).
  • A daily planner.
  • A submission tracker (I use the free SAMM submission tracker available online, but you could use a simple Excel sheet to record what you’ve sold and where).

As you become more successful, you can start accumulating more tools such as a professional business card, a fax number, letterheads, etc.) Newbies often dive headfirst into the business thinking that they’ll write articles and the editors will buy them. Not at all. In fact, if you actually do write the article first, you may be doing yourself a disservice. What you need instead, is the IDEA for an article. This is the idea that you will send to the editor in the form of a proposal and then you’ll either be hired to write the full thing or rejected. for more freelance Proposal Writing Click here


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