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We provide professional business services and spin out innovative companies. We are open to all innovative business opportunities. It is rare that a client will just hand you an assignment. Most often you will have to prepare a written proposal for the client’s acceptance. When accepted, the proposal may become a binding contract. You can turn your $200 fee to write a press release into $2,000 to carry out an entire PR campaign simply by convincing clients to invest in campaigns, instead of individual assignments. Campaigns achieve better results and cost less in the long-term for clients, compared to individual assignments. And, of course, as the freelancer, you get paid much more for turning out a succession of assignments that assimilate a successful campaign. Here's how to multiply your writing sales by convincing clients to invest in long-term campaigns, instead of short-term individual assignments.We are Business Catalyst specialising in injecting that "Ben Serices Corp." into businesses that are in startup or growth mode or simply stuck in a rut. We bring innovation, catharsis & lateral thinking & We use visual mapping to engage with both brain hemispheres. A recent client said "They breathed life into our vision, and it now LIVES. They took our business concept to the next level of its evolution

Our Services related to proposals:

Proposal Writing In Public Contracting | Online Proposal Writing | Federal Government Competitive Contracts Proposal | Development Center Proposal | Dissertation Proposal | Professional Proposal Writing Service | Proposal Consultants | Project Planning And  Proposal Writing | Proposal Advice | Proposal Preparation | Proposal Editing | Proposal Reviews | Proposal Management | Corporate Proposal Manager | Proposal Strategy Development | Freelance Proposal Writer | Freelance Proposal Consultant | Freelance Proposal Manager.

We Also Offer These Services

Proposal for Research Grants | Grant Writing | Grant Proposals | Small Business Grants | Minority Business Grants |Company Presentations | Cost Estimation And Budgeting | Marketing Brief Report | International Project Management |Organizational And Business Improvement Services | Research Funding | Freelance Writer.

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