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A Partnership

Loyalty is very important. Once we start working together, if we decide we want to establish a continuing working relationship, BSCI will not accept clients which compete directly with your company for your line of business.

Also, BSCI always insists upon nondisclosure agreements with its clients. That will provide you with assurance that, even if our association is a one-time occurrence, BSCI will not use any of your proprietary information when dealing with customers or other clients.

As your partner, depending upon the depth of services you elect to use, BSCI will assist you with the following:

1. Analyze the customer BSCI can assist you in helping to determine the “hot button” and special issues the customer is seeking.

2. Win Themes BSCI can assist you in developing the win themes for the proposal, help you clarify your strengths, determine weaknesses, select the features and benefits that distinguish your company form the pack, etc.

3. Analyze the competition Determine the competition strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, determine how to reflect those competitors’ weaknesses into the proposal (i.e. “ghost’ themes). }

How We Work

Ideally, BSCI would like to become involved in the proposal process as early as possible, even before a draft Request for Proposal is issued by the customer. We realize that it is not always possible to do this, but the earlier the better.
When we receive a request for assistance, we will determine the need and begin the process of analyzing the customer to determine the specific issues that the customer wants to solve. If a draft RFP is available, we will commence actions to begin the outline process.
Our company has developed some specific procedures to help us create an outline, which assures that the proposal we prepare for you will address every single requirement in the Solicitation.
Then, we will design a strategic plan to accomplish the proposal. Along with this we will prepare an estimate of the effort involved and the possible budget you might need to prepare this proposal.
Our people will work onsite, at your facility, or offsite depending upon your needs and situation. In most cases, we prefer to conduct a preliminary visit or two to your company followed by offsite work by our specialists culminating in a final effort at your facility. BSCI has found that this process significantly reduces the added expense of transportation and living expenses. However, depending on your requirements, we can spend the entire proposal preparation time at you facility.
We will help you with developing the win themes, Pink and Red Team reviews, and, of course, write the proposal in close coordination with your subject matter experts.
BSCI will become as involved in the proposal process as you desire.
Our mission is to sell your firm and your solutions to the customer . . . period!

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